Saturday, May 30, 2015

My God Story

While I was in Zambia, I did not experience anything hugely spectacular or witness any obvious miracles, but I still felt the presence of God. It was after a particular occasion was a few days in the past that I was able to look back and see the way God had worked in and through me. It was when I found out the impact that our health fair had made, that I felt God’s hand.
On that Saturday, I was already worn out from the week we had had in Mkushi district hospital. I did not know how many people to expect or how helpful I would be personally. For five hours I took blood pressure from people who did not even speak the same language that I did. I felt frustrated because the line kept getting backed up and stalled, and people were crowding all around me, impatient to receive help. There were a lot of screaming babies and several angry mothers, and at one point I thought I was about to witness a fight. All during this time I was hungry and thirsty and didn’t know what good my station was doing for most of the people there. By the time we were finished, I was so grateful to be done.
Several days later, Sherrie called us all together to share an update from Jerry. She told us that because of the health fair that we had held in Ntekete multiple villages were pitching in to help with the clinic that the Avery’s had been working so hard to get built. Men and women from the surrounding villages were helping with the digging and brick making, and were providing meals for the workers. Because of my team’s combined efforts and the work that I had participated in, God used people that I had touched to speed up the project of the clinic. The clinic that they are now assisting with will bless many lives in the future, and I played a tiny part in that process.
God, in that moment, allowed me a glimpse of a bigger picture. That made me wonder what else God has used me for and in what ways he will continue to use me. I will not always get to see the bigger picture, and most likely will never see the entirety of the effects my actions have until I reach heaven, but I know that God using me. I have realized the importance of obedience and the fact that God’s work is not always immediately enjoyable or seemingly impactful. God showed me the value of trusting him and doing his work faithfully, so that his kingdom, not my comfort, may be glorified.

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